The ED-ARCHMAT ESRs will perform innovative training and research via Network-Wide Training activities (ED-ARCHMAT WP3) and 13 individual PhD projects (ED-ARCHMAT WP4 and WP5)

Network-wide Training (WP3)

6 Network-wide ED-ARCHMAT Specific Targeted Workshops (STW): open to external researchers/experts and exploiting the inter/multi-disciplinary and intersectoral aspects of the ED-ARCHMAT EJD

2 Network-wide ED-ARCHMAT Summer schools (SS) open to external researchers/experts and held at the end of the first and second PhD projects year. The SS are the occasions on which all fellows will be provided with training in Complementary skills including:

→ Project management;
→ Involvement in the organisation of network activities;
→ Entrepreneurship/start-up;
→ Grant proposal preparation;
→ IPR management;
→ Scientific writing and communication;
→ Team skills;
→ Multicultural awareness, gender issues, research ethics.

1 Network-wide ED-ARCHMAT Final Conference (FC) The FC will be the occasion for the ESRs to present the final results of their research to an international audience comprising scientists, archaeologists, conservators, conservation scientists, policy makers, and leading national and international authorities.

Individual PhD Projects (WP4-WP5)

The ED-ARCHMAT 13 individual PhD projects will be structured along two main research lines:

1) Lifecycle of an archaeological/CH artifact from discovery-creation to conservation and dissemination/fruition (ESR PROJECTS: ESR4, ESR5, ESR6, ESR9, ESR10, ESR13).
Main aim: assign "meta significance" to CH and Archaeological artifacts hidden from public fruition for neglect, aesthetical and/or budget-related reasons.

2) Innovative and Non-Destructive technological approach applied to the study and conservation of archaeological/CH artifacts at risk (PROJECTS: ESR1, ESR2, ESR3, ESR7, ESR8, ESR11, ESR12).
Main aim: develop, test and validate innovative non-destructive scientific techniques, approaches and/or methodologies in the study and conservation of CH and Archaeological artefacts.